OrthoK For Kids

Give your child freedom from glasses and daily contact lenses with OrthoK.

Give your child freedom from glasses and daily contact lenses with OrthoK.


Is your child stuck wearing contact lenses or glasses? Is the prescription getting stronger and stronger every year?

Orthokeratology, or “OrthoK,” is an overnight process to correct vision, leaving your child free from the need of glasses or contact lenses during the day. Along with the convenience of not having to wear glasses or contacts during the day, OrthoK is also PROVEN to slow down or even stop the progression of myopia so your child’s vision will not continue getting worse and worse every year.

This also means that your child will have a lower risk of serious vision conditions later in life such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and retinal detachment.  At the same time, he or she is freed from corrective vision devices during the day.

More About OrthoK

At Curts & Reed Optometry Myopia Control Center we provide the latest state-of-the-art OrthoK services.  OrthoK gently and painlessly reshapes your child’s cornea to correct their vision while also protecting their eyes and vision for the future.  Our experienced Myopia Control specialist, Dr. Curts, will assess your child’s vision and design a custom-fit OrthoK retainer for your child.

OrthoK retainers gradually mold the cornea while your child sleeps allowing for clear vision the next day without any glasses or contact lenses.  This process is repeated nightly.

OrthoK lenses are FDA approved, safe, reliable and very effective, with only minimal risk.  These risks are greatly decreased with excellent hygiene and hand washing techniques prescribed by our OrthoK expert.

OrthoK is not just for kids.  OrthoK is an excellent alternative for adults who either don’t want or are not good candidates for LASIK or other surgical vision correction options.  Please see our OrthoK for Adults section of this website for more details.

At Curts & Reed Optometry Myopia Control Center, we have years of experience fitting OrthoK for young kids, teens, and adults throughout Olathe and the greater Kansas City area.

OrthoK Is An Investment For A Lifetime!

It is very important that you give your child a proper education. Unfortunately, an eye disease like myopia can hinder such a child from reading, writing, and learning. OrthoK offers an effective solution to correct myopia and to slow down or stop the progression.

By improving your child’s vision, you will be increasing his or her opportunity to learn and succeed. This is definitely an investment for you and your child that will last a lifetime. OrthoK is your best chance of controlling your child’s myopia and greatly decreasing their risk of vision threatening eye disease in adulthood.

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Is your child squinting, finding it hard to read or learn, or see faraway objects?  Is your child’s prescription getting worse every year or even sooner? Don’t wait until their myopia gets any worse.  Give your child the gift of healthy eyes and vision for a lifetime. Contact us today. We can help!