Imagine seeing clearly without glasses, contact lenses or surgery.  OrthoK is a non-surgical, reversible vision treatment technology where you wear an eye retainer at night to correct your vision while you sleep.  In the morning you remove your retainers and you have clear vision throughout the day, glasses and contact lens free.

OrthoK is a safe and effective vision correction alternative to LASIK.  It allows you to see without glasses or contacts during the day, so more and more adults are also being fitted for OrthoK. This could be for lifestyle or social reasons. OrthoK is also appealing to certain professions like law enforcement, athletes, construction workers, pilots, and long distance drivers.

OrthoK is an non-surgical alternative to LASIK, and will often work for people who, for whatever reason, don’t want or are not a candidate for LASIK or other vision correction surgical options.